I’ve created this blog to give you a look inside the process of how and why I create models and mods for Ark Survival evolved. I’ve already made a few and I will be putting up the background behind each with they’re in game image as well.

The idea that inspired me to create this mod came from some of the Minecraft mods, how they used existing materials refining and changing them even creating brand new components that would be used in later construction, I feel that this game progresses to a futuristic technology stage far to quickly without developing machines that would make life easier with a cost.

I will be creating machines from the mid tier upwards, as I’m still learning the Unreal Engine I will be focusing on machines for now but I want to progress into armor and saddle type mods as a result of the resources made from my machines.

I encourage you to take part in adding ideas or changes you think of, just comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading,


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